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At The Tandem Group we try to see the world through your eyes. In order to serve you better, we have been providing our customers with the highest level of quality plastics and service for over 34 years. Each of our suppliers ensure the best quality materials utilizing state of the art processing equipment.
Our suppliers are required to commit to the following criteria:         
              - High Material Quality Standards
                  - ASTM Compliant          
              - Qualified Technical Support Personal          
                  - Maintain adequate Inventories          
              - Provide Prompt and Friendly Customer Service          
                  - Obtain or in progress to achieve ISO Certification          
              - Commit to the TTG Code of Ethics


The Tandem Group supports the ideals and philosophies of the Institute for Professional Advancement (  Our participation in the Certified Sales Professional (CSP); Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR); IAPD (International Association of Plastic Distributors; MANA ( Manufacturer Agents National Association)  proves our commitment of continued Professionalism.    You have the assurance of qualified third parties—the certifiers—that your Tandem Group Representative knows how to strengthen your business and to train your personnel to supply customer services at the level you need and deserve.     You know that TTG Reps have taken extra steps to demonstrate commitment to the territory, the industry, the factories we represent and the customers we serve.    You know that sales calls will be doubly productive, both because they will cover a group of related products in which you are interested, and because the presenter has been trained to use your time efficiently.    You know that you are dealing with someone who subscribes to the TTG Code Of Ethics, calling for the highest standards of integrity, confidence and excellence.
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TTG Supplier Briefs!
Welcome to our Web Site Featuring the Finest Manufacturers of Plastics and Fabrication Equipment/Tooling. Our  Manufacturing Partners all offer the following:
     * Quality Products
     * Courteous and Efficient Customer Service
     * Dedication to Manufacturers' Representatives and our Customer Base
Our Quality Supplier Partners...
- GEM Plastics: HDPE, LDPE, HMWPE and PP Sheet.  
- Greenbelt Industries: PTFE & Silicone Glass tapes, belts and fabric
- Keller Plastics: Extruded Tubing, Profiles
- Liberty Pultrusions: Fiberglass Pultruded Shapes and Parts
- Novus - Leader in Cleaners and Polishes for your See Through Plastics
- Scicron: Hard Coat and Anti Static Plastic Sheet
- US Cast: Cast Acrylic Rod and Tubing
- Vortex Tool Company: Carbide,Router Bits, Sharpening; Tooling Solutions
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Outsourcing Your Field Sales Force

Are you looking to expand or improve your sales force? Contact The Tandem Group Inc to discuss your opportunity to work with a professional manufacturing representative firm.
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