The Tandem Group
Since 1980, The Tandem Group has delivered high performance results for a variety of different businesses in the Midwest and SouthEast territories. The industries we work with include:

Agriculture                                                  Mining and Heavy Equipment
Food Beverage Processing and Equipment       Graphics and Signage
Packaging                                                    Fabrication Thermoforming                                            Chemical, Corrosion Equipment   Fracking                                                      Transportation
Semi-Conductor                                            Material Handling
Distribution: Plastics; Industrial; Rubber          Aircraft
Chemicals                                                    Architectural

Bottling and Conveying                                  Partitions, Lockers, Furniture

Marine                                                         Piping: Oil, Gas and Solar

Sports and Recreation                                   Cleanroom (Class 1-10,000)

Medical Devices                                            Water Technologies


    The Tandem Group has provided high-quality plastic suppliers to some of Midwest North America’s most successful businesses. We have succeeded by providing all of our customers with Quality driven and efficient Manufacturers aimed at maximizing their productivity and minimizing their costs.     

  Our objective is  for the fulfillment of our distributors, fabricators, OEM’s, staff and suppliers.
  Our function is to provide comprehensive support services, technical expertise. and quality manufacturers to our  distributor and OEM customers.  Be assured that a team of industry experts is working for you.      
  Our success is evident in our customer successes.
  Our goal is to help each of our customers become leaders in their respective industries.  

  The numbers speak for themselves—for superior plastics solutions,companies choose  The Tandem Group.     

  Our commitment to work with leading edge companies serving leading edge customers means we have to stay at the leading edge ourselves.  One way we do this is through membership and active participation in the associations serving our market areas:           
                -Manufacturers Educational Research Foundation (MRERF)           
                -Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA)          
                -Manufacturers' Agents National Association (MANA)    
                -Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)  
                -International Association of Plastics Distributors (IAPD), the distributor organization serving our industries.  

The formal and informal education we derive is key to our drive to keep "pushing the envelope".

We are pleased that many of our Customers return to us for assistance with future projects. For a comprehensive list of our accomplishments, and to discuss case studies regarding our work, please call or email us at your convenience.

Our geographical territory is mostly sparsely populated.  Our concentration is within the Major Marketing areas of: Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit/Grand Rapids, Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Louisville, Omaha and Fargo.  

We also support a wide variety of distribution, including: Plastics; industrial, rubber, graphics and packaging.  Our distribution network acts as an “extension” of our company and often opens NBO’s.  OEM direct sales are the result of our manufacturing competition selling direct to a specific account.  

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